Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Should we blame ourselves for supporting India's Daughter?

Recently I came across a picture being shared and promoted by Shanknad a new few blind followers of the Organisation... The picture criticised the German Professor for not accepting an Indian "Male" Applicant citing rape issues... The picture further blamed Indians for supporting the Documentary "India's Daughter"! I was already quite sad with the fact that a government which was supposed to be the working with the veins of steel and iron fist has acted so cowardly by banning the documentary... But this post and the fact that it is being shared by many of my connections really deepens my sorrow!

NOT ALL INDIAN MEN ARE RAPIST... True! Stereotyping would lead to racism...
But at the same time accept that most of the men participate and promote widespread gender inequality which has lead to a biased society, creating an atmosphere where girls' freedom is at discretion of certain guys roaming on roads! Are we doing anything towards that? The likes of Raja Ram Mohan Rai had spoken for the rights of women and they brought in revolutionary changes. They were true nationalists! Is Shankh Naad doing anything like that? If any swami or yogi or maulwi is not doing that they are as much responsible for the status in country as any other man! And they must stop calling themselves nationalist! Hiding your disfigurement will not fix it... Mend yourself!
As an Indian I feel bad for the student! Let's not give chance to another professor to reject an Indian Student (because he could be a potential Rapist!)... To do that we need to ban rapes (and not the documentaries)!
Such a shame that instead of accepting the fault in our society we continue to blame the west for everything! ‪#‎PseudoNationalism‬ can only do bad to the country!

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